X-ray Inspection Systems

Radiation Protection Supervisors (X-ray Inspection Systems)

X-ray scanning equipment is used widely on production lines (fill-level and foreign body detection) and in the security industry.  Although most machines are inherently safe through the provision of shielding, guarding and other safety features, there is the potential for higher levels of exposure due to leakage X-rays or abuse of the equipment.

X-ray devices are therefore subject to the requirements of the IRR17 and the appointment of a Radiation Protection Supervisor represents good practice for the management of radiation safety.  The RPS is available for consultation with staff and acts as the focal point for all radiation safety matters in relation to the X-ray device.

This training is designed for the RPS, other safety personnel and operators of the scanner who should be instructed in basic radiation protection principles.

Learn about

  • Exposure risks presented by the cabinet X-ray systems
  • Radiation protection during work with the device
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Maintenance of safety features and warning devices
  • Regulatory requirements for ensuring all exposures are kept As Low As Reasonably Practicable.

Course details 2024

Bespoke notes are emailed to each attendee the day before and we end the course with a short 
questionnaire for completion using the notes and return.  This provides a demonstration of 
competence which allows us to then forward the RPS course certificates. 
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