Calibration of Radiation survey meters
and Contamination monitors

Radiation monitoring instruments are required to be properly maintained and tested at appropriate intervals by a ‘qualified person’ (IRR17 Reg 20). The Approved Code of Practice suggests a test, or calibration, at least every 12 months.

Radman Associates are qualified to test both radiation survey meters and contamination monitors, providing all the necessary calibration certificates. Instrument calibrations are carried out in compliance with NPL Good Practice Guide no. 14 – The Examination, Testing and Calibration of Portable Radiation Protection Instruments.  We operate a convenient courier service and aim to return all radiation instruments within 5 working days.

To check the performance and calibration of your radiation instruments against specific isotopes,  forward them to ‘Calibrations’ at the address below or call 01625 576000 to arrange collection.


Radiation survey meters

Radiation survey instruments are calibrated in our laboratory against traceable sealed source standards of caesium-137 and americium-241.

Calibration fee: £105 (+ £33 insured return carriage)

Contamination monitors

Count rate monitors used for measuring contamination on laboratory surfaces are calibrated against wide area reference standards including Carbon-14 ( beta 0.16 MeV), Chlorine-36 (beta 0.71 MeV) and Iodine-129 (gamma 35 keV).  Derived responses are given for a surface contamination level of 1 Bq/cm2. Estimated values are provided for the more common inventory of laboratory radioisotopes including Phosphorus-32 (beta 1.71 MeV), Phosphorus-33 (beta 0.25 MeV), Sulphur-35 (beta 0.16 MeV) and Iodine-125 (gamma 35 keV).

Calibration fee: £105 (+ £33 insured return carriage)

On-site calibration

If you have a number of contamination instruments we can calibrate them on your premises saving both time and cost. This also minimises downtime while instruments are off-site.

Need help?

To have your radiation monitors calibrated email, call us on 01625 576000, or send to:
Calibrations Dept, Radman Associates, Harvey House, Bollington, Macclesfield, SK10 5JR