About Radman Associates

Radman Associates are the UK’s longest established firm of independent Radiation Protection Advisers. From our beginnings at Manchester University to working on National and International contracts, Radman Associates is a leading radiological protection consultancy.

Radman Associates History

Radman Associates History


Early Beginnings

John Collins begins offering radiation protection advice, both internally and externally, whilst at the University of Manchester.


manchester University



Radman Associates formed as a small consultancy involving three colleagues: John Collins, Tony Freake and Roy Grix.



Robert Collins

Robert Collins joins the firm on completion of a Masters degree in Radiological Protection (Univ of Surrey) and a  further 2 years in the MoD working on their nuclear submarine refit programme.



New Offices

Radman Associates takes up residence in dedicated premises at Harvey House, Bollington.



A Growing Business

The firm expands the number of employed RPAs and develops its popular monthly RPS residential training courses.





Accreditation as Radioactive Waste Advisers

Accredited as Radioactive Waste Advisers and purchase of new spectrometry equipment allows the firm to take on larger surveys of contaminated land and buildings.



30 Year Milestone

30 years celebration!


radiation Protection advisers


Market Leader

By 2020 Radman Associates has firmly established itself as the longest serving independent organisation in the UK offering RPA services, RPS training, contaminated land surveys and instrument calibrations.



Our Clients

The range of clients seeking advice reflects the wide variety of applications for sources of ionising radiation, including the use of :

Sealed sources or X-rays for controlling processes

Sealed sources or X-rays for controlling processes, often by the measurement of level, density moisture or flow-rate (e.g. steel works, paper and textile mills; canning plants; civil construction; petrochemicals)

Unsealed sources as radiotracers

Unsealed sources as radiotracers (e.g. pharmaceutical/ biotech. companies, research institutes and universities)

Unsealed radioactive materials

Unsealed radioactive materials in component manufacture (e.g. electronics and defence) where the radioactivity provides an electronic trigger, or in materials science for the chemical properties of the radioactive substance.

Sealed sources or X-rays in non-destructive testing

Sealed sources or X-rays in non-destructive testing (x and gamma radiography);

Meet The Team . .

In addition to advising on the statutory requirements affecting radiation protection, Our RPAs offer various technical support services, run numerous RPS courses and undertake radiological surveys of laboratories, buildings and contaminated land.

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Robert Collins

Partner and Senior IPA
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Alan Wale

RPA BSc, PgDip
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Mark Bescoby

RPA BSc, PgDip
Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 1.21.34 PM

John McTigue

RPA BSc, PgDip
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Paul Attenborough

RPA BSc, PgDip