Nuclear Density/Moisture Gauges

Radiation Protection Supervisors (NDM Gauges)

Nuclear density/moisture gauges are used extensively in road construction and land reclamation works.

The gauge houses two relatively large sealed sources which require careful ndm gaugemanagement to ensure the restriction of exposures. Being contained within mobile equipment, these sources are subject to the normal rigours of transport and potentially serious accidents both on the roads and on site. The RPS therefore has to be aware of both the operational exposure risk and the risk of accidents involving the gauge.

This course is held on your premises and includes:

  • The nature of the radiation hazard
  • Benchmarks of dose
  • The principles of radiation protection
  • Legislative controls including transport regulations, and
  • The necessary contingencies for accidents.

The course focuses on the radiation safety issues surrounding the storage, handling, transport and use of NDM gauges. A clear explanation is given of the exposure risks from both normal operation and resulting from accidents involving the gauge. The RPS is made aware of recent updates to the legislation and the the latest commentary from the enforcing authorities (HSE, EA, ONR).  The course includes a summary questionnaire which highlights the key points for ensuring the safe use of NDM gauges.

Learn about

  • Hazards and risks presented by the radioactive sealed sources
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Contingency plans for road and site accidents involving the gauge
  • Regulatory requirements for ensuring radiation safety (IRR17)
  • Regulatory requirements for managing the radioactive sources (EPR16)
  • Regulatory requirements for transporting the gauge on UK roads (CDG09)
  • Short videos on preparing the vehicle, inspecting the gauge case and conducting a leakage test 

Course details

  • Course fees: £ POA
  • Course duration approximately 6 hours.
  • Refresher courses are held at your premises on request.

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