Welcome to Radman Associates

Radman Associates are at the forefront of radiation safety providing RPA and RWA services,
RPS training, surveys and technical support to clients throughout the UK.

Over 35 Years of Experience

From humble beginnings in 1984 to a leader in the provision of RPA services to industry, research and teaching establishments throughout the UK.

Advice & Training

Radiation protection advice is given for achieving compliance with the IRR17 (for radiation safety), the EPR16 (for managing radioactive materials), the CDG09 (transport regulations), and all other relevant legislation and guidance. We also provide RPS training and technical support across a wide client base..

HSE Accredited

Radman Associates are formally recognised by the HSE, thereby satisfying the strict criteria of competence required of a professional ‘RPA Body’. To achieve recognition our management systems are proven to maintain quality in all the advice given on compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017.

Radiation Advice, Training, Support & Resources

We offer Advice, Training, Support and access to our unique Resource Portal

RPA Service Agreements

As your appointed RPA, Radman Associates help with all the technical and compliance arrangements for radiological protection.

RPS Training Courses

Radiation employers have a duty to provide appropriate training for their appointed
Radiation Protection Supervisors.

Instrument Calibration

Radiation monitoring instruments are required to be properly maintained and tested by a ‘qualified person’ (IRR17 Reg 20) and should be calibrated at least every 12 months.

Our Resource Portal

An information portal for use by Health & Safety Managers, Radiation Protection Supervisors and others concerned with radiation safety in the workplace.

Legal Requirement for Employers

Employers who conduct work with sources of ionising radiation must consult with a suitable Radiation Protection Adviser to achieve full compliance with the IRR17. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that . .


the RPA has either an individual certificate of competence or belongs to an ‘RPA Body’ recognised by the HSE.


the RPA has the relevant knowledge, experience and competence to advise on the particular sources in use.


the RPA is formally appointed in writing to assist full compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017.

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