Laboratory Clearance Surveys

The Environment Agency require the demonstration of complete absence of residual surface contamination, before allowing the closure of licences for unsealed radioactive substances.

Following preparation of a comprehensive method statement and risk assessment, Radman Associates will conduct an independent survey of decommissioned radiochemical laboratories, with decontamination and validation monitoring, where required.

A final clearance report is subsequently provided with a statement of acceptable clearance or making recommendations for further removal..

Laboratory clearance surveys include active monitoring of all potentially contaminated areas including:

  • Floor, wall and bench surfaces
  • Fume-cupboards and sinks
  • Roof-space ducting
  • Drainage plumbing
  • All available instrumentation

With 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical research, biotechnology and nuclear sectors, Radman Associates are highly qualified to assist in managing your decommissioning and waste disposal.

Need help?

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