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RPS Update

The Justification of Practices Involving Ionising Radiations Regulations 2004 [SI No. 1769]


Exposure to ionising radiation can lead to harmful effects in humans. Justification is therefore one of the key principles of radiological protection established by the ICRP on which the legislative framework in the UK is based. Justification involves weighing the overall benefits of a practice, which might result in exposure of people to radiation, against the harm likely to result from that exposure.

Purpose and intent

These regulations, which implement European directive obligations (96/29 Euratom), provide a framework in which justification decisions will be made. Rather than individual uses, it is particular classes or types of practice giving rise to radiation exposure which must be justified. New classes or types of practice will need to be justified in advance of them being adopted. Existing classes or types of practice may be reviewed to prove their justification whenever new evidence about their efficacy or consequences is acquired.

Specific measures

Previously, justification decisions were taken on a site-by-site basis by the regulators when considering individual applications under the RSA93. These regulations introduce procedures for deciding the justification on a generic basis and for the review of existing practices when circumstances change. In addition, the regulations also (i) prohibit the addition of radioactive materials to certain goods (personal ornaments, toys and cosmetics) and the import and export of such goods, and (ii) permit individually justified medical exposures where the class in general is not justified.

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