HASS 2005 Regulations HASS-2005-regulations
Established 1984 | Recognised by the HSE

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High Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources
& Orphan Sources

These sources are dealt with in accord with Council Directive 2003/122/EURATOM (the HASS Directive) and EPR10.

In summary the Regs are aimed at:

  1. Preventing the exposure of workers and members of the public from inadequate control of high activity sealed sources (HASS), and
  2. Ensuring the security of HASS and other sealed sources (which present a similar potential hazard) on civil non-nuclear sites.

About HASS

What is a HASS?

A source whose activity at the time of manufacture exceeds the relevant HASS threshold. For the radioisotopes in common use these are listed below.

Radioisotope HASS threshold Exemption level
55Fe 400 GBq 1 MBq
60Co 4 GBq 100 kBq
75Se 30 GBq 1 MBq
85Kr 100 GBq 10 kBq
90Sr 3 GBq 10 kBq
109Cd 300 GBq 1 MBq
137Cs 20 GBq 10 kBq
192Ir 10 GBq 10 kBq
226Ra 2 GBq 10 kBq
241Am 100 GBq 10 kBq

Note: the HASS regs do not apply to natural uranium or natural thorium at any activity level, nor to gaseous tritium light devices (GTLDs).

A source ceases to be a HASS when its activity falls below the relevant Exemption Level.

The vast majority of sealed sources used in industry and research are not affected by the HASS regulations as their activity is below the requisite thresholds.

What is required?

Users of both HASS and sources  which are a 'similar level of potential hazard'* will need to obtain a Permit and comply with the relevant conditions prescribed for the safekeeping, accounting and proper disposal of HASS.

* Any source, or collection of sources, in a single storage or use location, which falls in to any of the source categories 1 to 4 in the scheme set out in the National Security Advice Centre's document Security Requirements for Sites and Sectors working with Radioactive Sources (NSAC, October 2005). 

HASS Security requirements

In determining approval for a HASS Permit the EA must be satisfied that:

  • The applicant has adequate arrangements for the safe management of HASS, including when they become disused sources;
  • The applicant has made adequate financial provision for the safe management of sources when they become disused sources;
  • The applicant has adequate security measures in place appropriate to the source and the premises in question.

In respect of sealed sources which are not HASS but are a 'similar level of potential hazard', the Agency will need to be satisfied with security arrangements, prior to issuing a Permit.

How to apply for a HASS licence and what is the likely cost?

Arrangements need to be in place for the whole life of the source before a Registration licence is granted, including some suitable means for guaranteeing disposal. HASS Registration Permits will have their own application cost and subsistence charge.

For 2010/2011 the costs are £2,000 for application and £1,450 subsistence charge.

For those requiring a permit for the keeping and use of sources of a 'similar level of potential hazard to a HASS' the costs are £1,590 for application and £1,250 subsistence charge.


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