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RPS (Laboratory Radiochemicals)
2 day course in Macclesfield
Commencing 11/09/2019
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Work to clean up radioactive beach to start next year
BBC News - 30 Apr 2019

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Celebrating 30 years in Radiation Protection

Radman Associates

Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs)

Radman Associates are at the forefront of radiation control providing RPA services and RPS training to all sectors of 
UK industry, commerce, research and education.
Radiation protection advice is given for achieving compliance with the IRR17EPR16CDG09 transport regulations, and all other relevant legislation and guidance.

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The Radman Guide to the IRR17The Radman Guide to the IRR17

A quick reference, 50-page Guide to the requirements of the regulations as they apply to the industrial, research and security use of radioactive sources and X-rays.

Order your copy now by calling 0845 226 7248.
£20 inc postage. All major credit cards accepted.

Legal Requirement for Radiation Employers

Employers who conduct work with sources of ionising radiation must consult with a Radiation Protection Adviser to achieve full compliance with the IRR17. 
It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that:

  • the RPA has either an individual certificate of competence (issued by an assessing body recognised by the HSE), or be part of an 'RPA Body' recognised by the HSE;
  • the RPA has the relevant knowledge, expertise and competence to advise on the particular sources in use; and
  • the RPA is formally appointed in writing.

Quality of advice

Radman Associates are formally recognised by the HSE, thereby satisfying the strict criteria of competence required of a professional RPA Body. To achieve recognition our management systems are proven to maintain quality in all areas of radiation protection advice given on the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017.

Can we help?

Our administrative team provide support to the firm, and coordinates all RPS training courses. For general enquiries email Admin or call.. 0845 226 7248.


"I would like to thank the team at Radman for an excellent service.
A professional approach to our initial assessment by a knowledgeable assessor, a training course that helped to make interesting what can be a brain numbing amount of information and a generally good customer service"
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