Radiological Examinations by an HSE recognised RPA body radiological-examinations
Established 1984 | Recognised by the HSE

RPS (Laboratory Radiochemicals)
2 day course in Macclesfield
Commencing 01/04/2020
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Radiation Safety Advice

Critical Examinations

A 'critical examination' (IRR17 reg 32) of safe operation is required to be carried out on newly installed equipment which generates X-rays, or houses a radioactive sealed source.

Radman Associates assist with the examination of installed equipment such as fill and level gauges, X-ray cabinets, inspection devices and any other devices employing sealed sources or X-rays. The examination is typically carried out during the commissioning stage to ensure that:

  • All safety features operate correctly
  • There is sufficient protection from exposure to ionising radiations
  • Sufficient information is given to the customer

Critical examination reports summarise the outcome of testing all safety features and warning devices and a survey of radiation levels around the installed equipment.

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