Radiological Assessments for Low Level Radioactive Wastes low-level-radioactive-waste
Established 1984 | Recognised by the HSE

RPS (Sealed Sources & X-rays)
2 day course in Macclesfield
Commencing 26/02/2020
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Radiation Safety Advice

Radiological Assessments

Application for a radioactive waste disposal Permit requires you to submit a radiological assessment of the proposed discharge. This should quantify the potential for public exposure resulting from each particular waste stream and its route of disposal, for example:

  • Aqueous to mains sewer
  • Gaseous to atmosphere
  • Solid for on-site incineration

Radman Associates perform these radiological assessments and help you apply for a Permit  (England & Wales) or Authorisation (Scotland) under the relevant sections of the EPR10 (England & Wales) or RSA93 (Scotland).

Once authorised, we further advise you about storage and disposal of radioactive materials, and help compliance with the various conditions attached to your license, including:

  • Best Available Technique statements
  • Management systems for radioactive materials
  • Site security plans

Need help?

To discuss radiological assessments for the disposal of low level radioactive wastes please email 
Admin or telephone 0845 226 7248.