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Established 1984 | Recognised by the HSE

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Work to clean up radioactive beach to start next year
BBC News - 30 Apr 2019

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RPA Accreditation

For ensuring quality of advice

Where a 'radiation employer' appoints a Radiation Protection Adviser in accordance with Reg 14, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that the RPA is suitable for that appointment. To be suitable, an RPA will need to possess the knowledge, experience and competence required for the relevant field of radiation protection in which they are offering advice.  In order to properly demonstrate these qualities a system of accreditation requires individuals and organisations wishing to act as RPAs to satisfy HSE criteria of competence.

For further information refer to the HSE statement on Radiation Protection Advisers www.hse.gov.uk/radiation/rpnews/statementrpa.htm

An HSE recognised RPA BodyEssentially the radiation employer must ensure that:

  • the RPA has an individual certificate of competence to act as an RPA (issued by an assessing body recognised by the HSE), or is part of an RPA Body recognised by the HSE;
  • the RPA has the relevant knowledge, expertise and competence to advise on your particular uses of ionising radiation; and
  • the RPA is formally appointed in writing.

Radman Associates as an RPA Body

Radman Associates is formally recognised by the HSE, therefore satisfying the strict criteria of competence as a professional 'RPA Body'. This requires that all advice given in relation to the IRR17 is traceable, through a management system and quality assurance procedures, to an accredited RPA.  For personal development reasons all our advisers are encouraged to achieve their own personal accreditation nonetheless.

Note that this recognition as an RPA Body only relates to our basic capability to give professional advice on radiation safety matters.  Employers will need to satisfy themselves that the RPA Body also possesses the appropriate knowledge and expertise relevant to their particular radiation source, in order to satisfy the test of suitability in reg 14. 

To comply with the requirement for an accredited RPA, please see details of our annual RPA service contracts.

Can we help?

Our administration team provides support to our RPA advisers, and coordinates all RPS training courses. To speak to Admin or a Radiation Protection Adviser
email or call 0845 226 7248.